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At the suggestion of our knowledgeable server, I chose this Espelette-spicy Basque dish containing juicy morsels of various seafood and house-made chorizo – a real body- and soul-warming experience on a cool spring afternoon!
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On a warm midweek evening, Left Bank was the place to be. The bar was a-buzz, especially during Happy Hour, all of the outside tables—shaded by the large red awning—were full. The hostess was warm and welcoming, the bartender, serving up beer, wine and specialty cocktails, upbeat.
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It’s also become a community gathering place, thanks to its landscaped public spaces, farmers’ market and cultural events.
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The Appetizers that we tasted were all better than ever. We loved the Mousse De Foie De Volaille which was spicy, creamy, smooth chicken liver mousse served with toast, relish, olives, and pickles. The Croquettes De Morue which was Crisp Salt Cod Fritters with cabbage, fennel coleslaw and saffron aioli was also delicious and a French favorite!
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The Left Bank Brasserie has been serving French Bistro cuisine in Larkspur for more than 16 years. Restaurateur Roland Passot has created a wonderful dining destination where the food has been consistently delicious, the service has been consistently friendly, knowledgeable and attentive and the atmosphere is always lively and relaxed.
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“We sat down to a “507 Magnolia” Pimms, Gin, lemon and cucumber cocktail along with a “watermelon refresher” with vodka, lime and cucumber:”
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“#80 Left Bank: To call it the Cheers of Larkspur is unfair because the food’s too good, but the bartenders do know the regulars’ names. Combo to try: Sapphire martini and salade niçoise.”
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“House-made lamb sausages with a mustardy sauce are robust; a ceviche of tiny scallops with a tart pickled heirloom cucumber-pickled melon-herbal relish in a shell on crushed ice, circled by seaweed, is delicate and refreshing”
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“Of the many things I’ve tried on a recent visit, it would be hard to pick a favorite – the new chef  seems consistently good on everything from aperitif to dessert.”
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“The entrees were both excellent. We loved the Truite A L’Oseille which was a steamed Rainbow Trout with sorrel sauce, fennel confit, olive oil and mushrooms fricassee which was light and healthy.”
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“What a delightful culinary experience, thanks to Joel Guyon the (culinary director) for all the “Left Bank” restaurants, and of course Roland Passot.”
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“If you’ve been to Left Bank before and you think you’ve enjoyed their wonders… You haven’t eaten there until you’ve tried the quail!”
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“Several sterling events at the Left Bank Brasserie last year helped lift the restaurant to a repeat Best of Marin win.”
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“The owners have refocused on the flagship, offering better food and surprisingly lower prices.”
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I also loved the duck confit ($11.75) with onions and mushrooms, sprinkled with truffle vinaigrette. What could be more French than duck and truffle? It was a captivating combination with loads of dark, rich duck meat, earthy onions and fleshy mushrooms, with resonant overtones of truffle.
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“….my advice is to think left, for Left Bank.”
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“You’d look hard in Lyons for a restaurant as romantically beautiful as this….”
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“There are three obvious reasons for [Menlo Park Left Bank’s] popularity….”
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