Salade Niçoise

The Ahi can be seared (as we serve it) or cooked completely, depending on preference. Multiply this recipe by the number of people.


3 oz. Ahi tuna, seasoned, seared and sliced in 2 pieces
1 avocado, quartered and fanned
3 oz. green beans, blanched and split
1 tsp. shallots, fine dice
6 sweet cherry tomatoes, sliced in half, marinated in sherry vinegar with salt & pepper
1 or 2 small Yukon gold potatoes, sliced in ½” rounds, marinated in sherry vinegar
1 egg, semi hard boiled, cut in half and seasoned
2 cups mesclun mix
3 Tbl. sherry vinaigrette
6 Niçoise olives, pitted
1 Tbl. tapenade, can be purchased at Draegers or Trader Joe’s
1 tsp. capers
1 Tbl. roasted red peppers, julienne


Toss the mesclun mix, green beans, and shallots with the vinaigrette and season with salt & pepper to taste.
Place about a half of the mesclun-green bean mix in the center of the plate.
Place the avocado and one slice of Ahi tuna on top of the small pile.
Mound the rest of the green bean-mesclun mix.
Place the remaining Ahi tuna on the mix and spoon the tapenade, red bell pepper , then the capers onto the tuna.
Neatly arrange the tomatoes, olives, potatoes, eggs around the perimeter of the salad.

Bon Appétit!