Ed Levine

Propriétaire CEO

Edward Levine commenced development of Left Bank in 1992. With his partner Roland Passot he opened the first Left Bank brasserie in Larkspur, in July 1994. Additional Left Bank’s opened: Menlo Park, August 1998 and San Jose, March 2003.

Edward is also the President and primary shareholder of Vine Solutions, Inc., a forty person consulting firm. The firm manages the financial infrastructure and provides human resource services to over 150 restaurants in the Western United States.

He served as CEO for Gordon Biersch Brewing Company headquartered in Palo Alto from 1993 and 1995, growing that company from $8 million to $20 million in annual sales. Previously, for four years he was Chief Financial Officer of Il Fornaio (America) Corporation, a multiple unit Italian restaurant and bakery company. In addition to managing all financial and administrative functions, he reorganized and directed the production bakery division.

Prior to Il Fornaio, Edward was the Planning Director of Collins Foods International, a $700 million, publicly traded Los Angeles-based multiple concept and multiple unit restaurant and food service company.

Edward has an MBA from the Stanford Business School and an undergraduate business degree from the University of British Columbia. Prior to attending college, he apprenticed formally in food service at a preeminent Canadian resort hotel. Concurrent with his attendance at the University, he worked as a French service waiter and captain for five years at La Côte d’Azur, a French restaurant in Vancouver, British Columbia.