It is a casual Wednesday afternoon, what does one order at a French brasserie?

Pastis is a French drink that embodies the leisurely lifestyle of the South of France. 

Originating back to 1915 was the prohibition of absinthe and anise-based spirits, due to its lethal nature. After 17 years, pastis emerged as France’s newest burgeoning alcoholic drink, thanks to the lifting of a ban of mild anise-based spirits.  

Not to be confused with absinthe, pastis is an anise-flavored aperitif that is redefining the term “afternoon pick me up”. Those with a penchant for anise and licorice flavor will be sure to enjoy the pastis drinking experience. 

In France, it is enjoyed as an aperitif, meaning before a meal. Pastis contains about 40-45% in ABV. 

All that is needed to enjoy this drink is sugar, ice, and water. Served on the rocks, water is also used to dilute this heavy-proof spirit into a milky yellow color, while a sugar cube is added for sweetness.