Nicoise Salade


The classic Salad Niçoise, harmonious to the fresh Mediterranean cusine present in the vibrant city of Nice, brings a light blend of produce, fine herbs, and various textures to the plate.

In the late 19th century, this dish originated as a basic combination of tomatoes, anchovies and olive oil, described as “simple food for poor people”. Over time, other fresh and mostly raw ingredients were added to the salad.

Foundations of a Niçoise Salad

Among the variations that are used, but still considered later additions are boiled potatoes, hard-boiled eggs, and steamed haricots verts, French for green beans.

A traditional nicoise salad includes equal parts potatoes, string beans, and tomatoes, which are then decorated with capers, olives, and anchovy fillets; all seasoned with oil and vinegar.

A light and refreshing salad that is now served as a main dish, typically includes an assortment of fresh produce and Provencal seasonings. The dressing includes olive oil, vinegar, Provencal herbs, and garlic. Anchovy and mustard are mixed in to taste, lending a slight pungent, tangy kick to the dressing.

Our very own salade nicoise includes seared Ahi, green beans, tomatoes, fingerlings, tapenade, anchovy, roasted bell peppers, and avocado.

While there are countless variations made by locals and famous chefs and its true ingredients are often debated, it is completely up for interpretation. At its heart, the  salade niçoise is meant to be just a refreshing and colorful salad.