Coq Au Vin

Coq Au Vin is French, which translates to, rooster in wine, in English. Similar to the Beef Bourguignon, it is a simple chicken stew, elevated with some red wine. It may have a fancy ring to the name, but it is actually an extremely simple dish that requires little to no preparation.


The main ingredients in this dish comprise of:


Bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs, bacon, chicken stock, mushrooms, onions, parsley, and dry red wine. Traditionally, Burgundy wine is used in this dish, but any red wine could be used, such as a Riesling.


While this dish originates from France, Julia Child, a notable American chef, is credited for bringing its popularity and visibility in the United States. Coq au Vin was featured in her debut cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, which went on to become one of her signature dishes.


The key component of this dish is the braising of the chicken. Cooking the chicken in a good Burgundy wine on low heat, ensures the meat is properly braised so that it falls right off the bone. In order to get all parts of the chicken properly cooked, it is necessary to separate the dark and white meat. The dark meat should be cooked low and slow, then the breasts should be added in the last 30 minutes of simmering to ensure the juiciness of the white meat.


While it can be served with any choice of starch, we serve our Coq au Vin over egg noodles. This braised dish is a classic, hearty meal that is particularly enjoyable during a cool fall or winter day. Comfort food at its finest!