American Bar: A Brasserie Story

While Left Bank is a French brasserie, some of you may be wondering why the phrase ‘American Bar’ is emblazoned on the exterior of our restaurant.

Just to give a little backstory, a brasserie is typically a French restaurant that offers a large selection of beer and wine. At an American restaurant, you’ll find a full bar with various cocktails and drink offerings.

Left Bank offers a traditional brasserie setting with a full range of drink selections of a modern American restaurant – hence the name ‘American Bar’.

While we have French classics like pastis and lillet, we also offer specialty cocktails like the ‘Cucumber Angelita’, a tequila drink or the ‘Carte Blanche’, which has bourbon. These are drinks that you will not see at a typical French brasserie.

Classics cocktails, such as our LB Martini, margarita, and manhattan are served on our happy hour menu. Here at Left bank, you can enjoy a classic French spread, while still drinking your favorite cocktails. Feel free to join us for your next happy hour or afternoon pick me up!